Rev. RainboW

Curator of Transformation.

Speaker. Teacher. Spiritual Practitioner. Meditation Coach.


I created Affirm.A.Wear in 2012 when I was inspired to write affirmations in the soles of my shoes. I liked the idea of seeing these positive statements each time I put on my shoes to keep me grounded and focused on truth.

From there I created my first design and had them printed on flip flops so I could share this positive "I AM" message with others.

Affirm.A.Wear has grown and we now have several designs, many featuring sacred geometry, representing the wholeness and perfection of each of us.

My intention is to inspire humanity to awaken to it's magnificent "I AM" presence.

Remember, what you say to yourself matters. Don't just say it, wear it!

Rev. Rainbow Weldon

Rev. Rainbow Weldon