Rev. RainboW

Facilitator of Transformation + Liberation 

Queer Minister

Proud Mother

Spiritual Counselor

Inspirational Speaker



I was told at a young age that I would be a minister. I rejected that idea and pursued acting.

Theatre brought me to Chicago. Ministry found me. In 2002 I heard Marianne Williamson speak and I knew I was here for that. To inspire, awaken and remind people that Love is who we are. Yet the idea of being a “minister” still scared me.

Living in Chicago I came alive. I came out sexually and spiritually, claiming my true self. I experienced the loss of a parent, the birth of a child, divorce and remarriage. Life has a way of continuing to give of itself to me, through me as Love. I’ve learned to have dominion over my experience through a regular practice of mindfulness, forgiveness and non-judgement. I trust everything in life is for me. I see Truth despite conditions. I remain steadfast that everything is unfolding perfectly for my life and the collective.

My path was winding, and although I am no longer acting, I am “on stage” every Sunday at Bodhi Spiritual Center, a global center for transformation and liberation.

Whether you are looking to transform self-doubt, release judgments, or experience more self-love, I am here to support you with tools and practices to awaken to your Divine Self.