I feel the issue that I came to Rainbow with was completely healed within our session, and I still feel that it is completely healed.
— Mimi M., Masterful Living Student
Rev. Rainbow is skilled at connecting with her audience. She is authentic, warm, and engaging while delivering her messages with clarity. It is clear she is invested in helping the world through her talks. I am thankful to have the opportunity to listen and to learn from her.
— Amanda R.

Rainbow has a sweet authenticity that I immediately felt. She allows the Divine to speak through her for the maximum benefit of those around her. I very much recommend Rainbow as a Spiritual Counselor.
— Joseph G., Bodhi Spiritual Center

Rainbow is a born teacher and a natural leader for people of all ages. She is a gentle listener - honestly invested in what she’s hearing, carefully and earnestly offering wise guidance or just a compassionate listening ear. She is full of infectious and positive creative energy and is generous with her time. She is always in motion and headed towards her next creative vision inspiring everyone to charge forward right along with her.
— Cheyenne P., Actress

Two days after the session I had a dream regarding the situation we discussed that was different than any dream thus far. It was full of love and happiness. I know that this mind change was due to the work we did in the counseling session.
— Dara A.

Rainbow uses humor, dynamic enthusiasm, and energy to present and clarify universal Truths in a way that is easily applicable to daily life. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on many occasions and each time I have walked away joyously inspired
— Joan Coletto, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

I felt like Rainbow held the space for me to explore things with compassion and no judgment.
— Stefanie H., Unity of Kalamazoo
I had a great experience working with Rainbow. She creates a loving and open space. I saw the difference it made with everyone in my life in only one week.
— Jeannie K., Healer