self-care circle

Would you like to feel more balanced, energized, and supported?

Are you seeking support in clearing negative energy?

Join our circle of LOVE-focused, MIRACLE-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on humanity. This circle is created for YOU as a way to restore, rejuvenate and revitalize your mental, spiritual, and energetic fields. Keep your vibe up at this crucial time in history. You are needed now more than ever to show up as the FULLY expressed being of LOVE that you are.

Think of this as your energetic cleansing and purification system for self-care. Each month we will focus on a different chakra to clear any blocks or stagnate energy. Feel more grounded, creative, confident while opening to the flow of your natural energy. Along with the energy work you will receive tools for self-care including affirmations, meditations, and prayers focused on that month's chakra. 

All resources are accessible at anytime throughout the month online or as downloads.

Affirmation Root Chakra

Monthly Chakra Focus + Affirmation

Each month will focus on a different chakra as we move through clearing the chakra system. There will be an I AM affirmation beautifully designed as wallpaper art to keep you focused on your intention.

Energy Healing Heart Chakra

Weekly Distant Energy Healing

Group Reiki sessions will be provided on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 8pm CST. Relax and receive the healing benefits for your chakra during this 45 minute remote session.

Clearing of blocked energies in the chakra will be done on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. Benefits received whether relaxing or on the go.

For example:

root chakra- clearing the frequency of lack and replacing it with abundance + support

sacral chakra- clearing the frequency of betrayal and replacing it with pure love


Meditation Sacral Chakra

Guided Meditations

There will be a guided meditation created specifically for each month's chakra for you to listen to as often as needed to purify and rejuvinate.

Online Community Throat Chakra

Online Community Group

Private online community group for support. Tools and spiritual practices related to balancing your chakras and keeping your vibe high.

Rainbow + Louise

Circle Leaders

Louise Weldon and Rev. Rainbow are joining forces to co-lead the circle.

Louise has been an energy healer since 1983. She combines her intuition with skills she has learned as a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Yuen Energetics Practitioner, Dowser and Hypnotherapist. 

Prayer Solar Plexus Chakra

Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayer audio downloads available to anchor the qualities of Joy, Freedom, Peace and Love that are your natural state. 

Monthly Call Third Eye Chakra

Monthly Group Live

30 minute video call. Connect with others and share your intention. Learn tools + practices to balance your chakra.  1st Wednesday of each month, 8pm CST. 

Investment Crown Chakra


Invest in this gift of self-care for around $1 a day. 

7 monthly payments of $33.

7 month membership paid-in-full $198 (includes one month FREE!)

Monthly membership + 1 hr. Counseling Session $133/ month.

I have been receiving distant energy work from Louise for years. During these crazy times I feel she helps me stay balanced and connected to my true self. I am grateful for her continued work with me. A long time friend recently told me I was more relaxed and less anxious than he had ever known me to be.
— Mary Meredith
Two days after the session with Rainbow I had a dream regarding the situation we discussed that was different than any dream thus far. It was full of love and happiness. I know that this mind change was due to the work we did in the counseling session.
— Dara Allen-Lawrence
One of the most beneficial sessions I had with Louise was when I woke up one morning with a severe backache. I was not able to get out of bed. I called Louise and after about 30 minutes of energy healing I was able to get up and walk.
— Sue Dean, RN
I feel the issue that I came to Rainbow with was completely healed within our session, and I still feel that it is completely healed.
— Mimi M.