Spiritual counseling

During one-on-one sessions I will assist you opening up to your own intuition in order to experience a shift. Sessions begin with a centering meditation invoking Divine Inspiration, include a time of dialogue and deep listening/sharing and end with the a healing affirmative prayer.  During the session I will guide you to specific tools and spiritual practices for you to anchor your healing during and after the session.

My intention is to support you in:

  • transforming self-doubt

  • living a successful life doing what you love

  • experiencing self- love + self-care

  • having a healing in your relationships

  • releasing fear, doubt + anxiety in order to experience peace

Sessions can be done in person, via video call or over the phone. Book online: https://calendly.com/revrainbow


1 hour session $125

3-Session Package $333

6-Session Package $600