The Way Out is Through

For many of us on this spiritual path I’ve noticed a tendency to not allow ourselves to feel or express our “negative” feelings because we don’t want to create negative experiences in our life. For years I suppressed my sadness and anger. Then one day I received the guidance, “the way out is through.” I honestly didn’t understand what it meant when I first heard it. I took the idea into contemplation for a while which lead to a deeper understanding and helped me form my process of transformation.

It is taught that our thoughts and beliefs create our experience, so isn’t it true that we shouldn’t say or think negative things? Yes, AND. It is important to acknowledge how we are feeling and not just spiritual by-pass over any seeming “negative feelings” by saying “it’s all good” and stuffing those negative feelings down. The way out is through. Those upsetting emotions are coming up to get our attention. They are there to provide an opportunity to heal, if we are willing. In order to experience a shift we must be willing to take 100% responsibility for what is occurring in our lives. In other words, we must cultivate the awareness of what we are thinking and believing and take responsibility, the ability to respond. We are responding (not reacting) to what we are thinking and feeling in order to transform and transmute our core false beliefs by shining the light of Truth upon them.

Next time you are feeling stuck, remember the way out is through. Use these steps to shift from upset to peace. I find this helpful in my own life and it is the process I use with my spiritual counseling clients. If you are seeking a shift, I’d love to talk with you about how I can assist you through this process in order to experience transformation.

5 Steps to Transformation

1. Identify the upset

It may be a sensation in the body such as a knot in the stomach or throat or tension in neck, shoulders or a headache. Identify the emotional upset. For example: “I’m feeling angry.” Allow yourself to feel your feelings fully, giving yourself full permission to stomp, scream, cry, etc. for 90 seconds.

2. Explore the thought behind the feeling 

“I’m feeling angry, what am I thinking about? I’m thinking about how my co-worker never listens to me. I’m mad that this person is not valuing my opinion.”

3. Uncover the belief that is being triggered

“It’s triggering my core belief that I’m not good enough. I feel like I don’t have anything of value to share. I belief I am unworthy.”

4. Surrender the false belief

Ask for support from God/Spirit/Divine/Higher Self. “Please remove this thought and belief of unworthiness so that I never think it or experience it again…please heal it back to the root source…knowing it dissolves into the nothingness from whence it came. My desire is to never experience this trigger and belief again.”

5. Energize the Truth 

The Truth is that I must be worthy because I am one with the One. I am a Divine expression of Spirit. I know that I am worthy and have great value, talents and gifts to share with the world.

Be honest with yourself and start where you are. Work with a willingness affirmation if needed: “I am willing to know that I am worthy and have great value, gifts and talents to share with this world.”

Energize your desire by thinking about and getting into the feeling tone of what you desire. See yourself sharing your gifts and talents and being fully expressed.

Rainbow Weldon