Don't Quit Before the Miracle

A few years ago, I didn't think it was possible to have healing in my relationship. I almost quit before the miracle. I was thinking "Does she even like me, much less love me? Why are we even together?” I was walking on eggshells and often stressed out and unhappy. Ours was not a happy home.

Then I made the decision to have a healing in my relationship. I took 100% responsibility for the healing. By doing my own inner work and spiritual work I discovered a process to transform old beliefs and patterns once and for all!

We've all heard the phrase “you can't change someone else” but I’m here to say, you can change yourself. Everything in life, especially our relationships are a projection of our own perception. No one can show up differently than we perceive them to be. So if I continued to believe that my partner was the angry, controlling one then that's all she could show up as. And I had to be willing to stop playing my role as the incapable, messy, late one. Which I knew was not the truth about me. In fact, I didn’t show up that way in my work life or with my friends. It was time to interrupt that relationship dynamic/pattern.

Listen below to hear the full story in my message: Don't Quit Before the Miracle.

Rainbow Weldon