Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

This morning I woke up feeling very anxious. My nervous system was a wreck, my shoulders tense and my insides jittery. Today is the day Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. And I know all of this tension is not mine. I am very clear that I am an empath and highly sensitive person. I pick up on other people's emotions and experience them as if they are my own. Find out more about HSP here and empaths here. I confirmed through muscle testing that only 25% of what I was feeling was actually mine, the rest I am absorbing from those around me. I live in Chicago and let's just say the general atmosphere regarding today's events is one of fear and upset.

So what to do about it.

Here are some things I did that I hope will be helpful if you are having a similar experience.

1. Acknowledge your feelings. Once you acknowledge that you are an anxious wreck you can get some space between you and your experience and begin to move towards your desired state.

2. Essential Oils- diffuse or breathe in a little  "peace" or "peace and calming" essential oil.

3. Grounding meditation- Visualize a grounding cord going from your root chakra (tail bone) deep into the core of mother earth and simultaneously releasing negative energy down the cord while receiving the beneficial healing energy of mother earth back up balancing your root chakra. You may also visualize a ball or red glowing energy at this energy point energizing and purifying your root chakra.

4. Affirmations- Work with these affirmations as a mantra to keep your energy field clear. "My energy is pure and completely mine" "I only allow thoughts of love and purity to flow to and through me" 

5. Energy Work. I am grateful to be related to one of the BEST energy healers. I shared with my mom, Louise, how I was feeling this morning and she gave me some Reiki to cleanse and balance my energetic field. Many Reiki Masters, including my mom, can do distant energy healing remotely...I would be happy to put you in contact with her. 

6. Crystals + Stones. There are many stones and crystals that can be helpful in transmuting energy. Today I worked with a piece of black onyx and imagined my anxiety (personal and any that I am feeling for anyone else) being absorbed by the stone. After using the stone in this way, cleanse it by placing it in salt or in the sun (if you live somewhere where there actually is sun this time of year.)

7. Move your body! Get grounded, go for a walk, touch the earth. Move your body with the conscious intention to release energy that is stuck and may not even be yours. There are many great yoga videos on youtube that you can do right from home! Here is one I love! Try tree pose for a simple way to get grounded.

8. Acupuncture/Cupping/ Massage. I felt some energy get stuck as tension in my shoulders. I have my personal set of cups that I was able to use to release the stuck energy from my body. I highly recommend cupping, acupuncture or massage to relieve tension. Ask a friend or partner if you can trade shoulder massages today- a great way to connect and relieve stress!

Lastly, being a highly sensitive person and empath is not a curse. It often means we are great healers and have the ability to listen deeply, truly empathize and comfort others. Everyone has unique gifts and talents and this is one to be honored and cherished. And it takes a little extra attention to stay clear and energized in order to do the great work we are all here to do at this particular time in history. Follow these tips, research others and find what works for you. Continue to be hold the vibration of LOVE for all of humanity to awaken to it's magnificence! We got this!

Rainbow Weldon