What is the Most Loving Choice?

“Do is always do, re is always re, mi is always mi. They may be sung off key by the whole world, but that does not change the value of do, re or mi in the harmonic scale.

There is a Principle of life that expresses itself in complete and perfect tones of music, complete and perfect numbers, complete and perfect laws of the universe. You can bring yourself into accord with that power.”- Joel Goldsmith

There is a Divine Perfection, a spiritual prototype that is the Truth of who we are. Our work is to constantly align with this Truth. Just as people go around singing off key, we often go around misrepresenting ourselves through the words we speak, the thoughts we think and the actions we take. But just as singing off key doesn’t change the value of do, re, me...nothing we can do or say can change the inherent value of who we are. We are Love, Beauty and Truth. We are here to reveal Love, Beauty, Truth as our lives. Yet we are walking around singing some off key version of ourselves, focusing on our bloated bellies or imperfect hair lines. But this is not who we are.

It’s time to sing about our lives as the Divine Perfection we are. Let’s get over this societal idea that it’s more accepting to complain and speak of our ills and what’s bad or wrong about ourselves and start to speak Truth, Love, Beauty and Power! Let’s make the way we connect with one another be about what we love, what’s working in our lives, and all that we have to be grateful for. Let’s make speaking words of Truth, Beauty and Love the “in” thing to do!

Here’s a simple tool to change your tune from negative to positive. Ask yourself, ‘what is the most loving choice in this moment?’ Whenever you find yourself stuck in a negative cycle, return to love. What is the most loving choice in this moment? Perhaps it is to simply drop that negative thought. Perhaps it is to let it go and give up trying to prove your right. Perhaps it is to notice something in your surroundings and feel gratitude. Maybe it is to make yourself a favorite cup of tea, or step outside for a walk, or pick up the phone and call a loved one and say ‘thank you, I love you.’ In each moment, when we ask, we can be guided to the most loving choice.

Stop walking around singing an off key version of your life. Your life is awesome! You are awesome! No matter what you or anyone says, there is a spiritual Truth back of all things having it’s way as your life. Align with this spiritual perfection and sing about your life with the clarity of a perfect note! Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!!!!

Rainbow Weldon