Authentic FLOW

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does it mean to be authentic? To show up in life as a unique expression of the matter what other people say or think about you! The best way I have found to connect to my authentic self is through creative processes. I truly believe creativity is the gateway to the Divine. It’s all about FLOW, authentic FLOW. That experience of being one with all, completely present in the moment and connected with your Creative Source energy. FLOW is that state of being where everything is unfolding perfectly without thought. There is no resistance, figuring it out, or making it happen. Being in the FLOW is the state of being I desire most. Moments when I experience FLOW are when I am praying, meditating, doing yoga, writing, coloring, dancing, speaking, and listening to music. It’s when I am connecting with something greater, the I AM presence that is the Source of all life...who I really am.

And yet I don’t experience FLOW every time I meditate, every time I dance, every time I do yoga. Why? When I am in my head, feeling self-conscious (which is different than self-aware) or not present, I am not in the FLOW and it takes a willingness, awareness and practice to shift from that state of being back into the natural sync of life or FLOW.

That is why I created TransFLOWmation™ to facilitate experiences for people to be in the FLOW. To come together in community to connect with ourselves (and others) in a meaningful way. To lay aside the chatter of the mind, stress of our daily routine and create a sacred space for connection and FLOW. When we connect with our authentic selves through FLOW we show up more powerfully in our lives. We know who we are and aren’t afraid to share it. We are able to give freely from the overflow and share our gifts and talents with the world.

“That sounds great! What can I do right now to experience FLOW?” Try this exercise:

  • Create a distraction free zone for yourself for the next 10-15 minutes. 
  • Put on some music that inspires you yet doesn’t distract you. 
  • Get out some crayons, markers, color pencils, chalk or oil pastels and blank paper. 
  • Take a few breaths and connect with yourself. 
  • Seated in front of your art supplies, begin to move slightly with the music. 
  • Now allow the music and the moment to inform you, listen and let it guide you to what color to use. 
  • Pick it up and begin to let your hand move freely across the page in whatever form or shape it desires. Let the music inspire the movements through your hand, feel it moving your entire being. 
  • Notice if any words come through. Write those on the page. 
  • Continue to quiet the mind from chatter, staying present and notice the difference between when you are choosing what to draw or write versus being guided and in the FLOW of what to draw or write. 
  • Have fun creating in the FLOW.

I’d love to see your creation. (notice- does your inner critic voice pop up here? “What? I can’t let anyone else see that?” It’s a good practice to become aware of that voice so that it doesn’t have any power over you anymore! It’s about the process. Your sharing inspires others. It is perfect just as it is because you are perfect just as you are!) Post on @RevRainbow’s fb page and instagram with the hashtags #transFLOWmation #freeFLOWcoloring

If you are in the Chicago area and would like to experience being in the FLOW in community, check out my upcoming transFLOWmation™workshops.

Rainbow Weldon