Trusting My Inner Voice

"The highest mental practice is to listen to this inner voice...the greater a person's consciousness of this indwelling I AM, the more fully they will live." –Ernest Holmes

Okay, so this may seem obvious, but I have recently come to understand that the key to being an effective Spiritual Practitioner is to remember that it is not me, but Spirit within me that does the work. By trusting that inner voice, I am a willing vessel allowing for a healing to occur by connecting with the One Mind, the unified field of Oneness. Although this concept may be spirituality 101 and be easy to grasp intellectually, I have just recently come to really understand it and live it.

See, I used to get really nervous at the idea of putting myself out there, sharing my gifts and talents and specifically working with clients. I didn’t think I had anything of value to offer. I thought it was actually me (small-self Rainbow) that had to do something…my ego was running the show. Through a process of deep spiritual grow involving working with my own Spiritual Practitioner I began to really get what it means to allow Spirit within me to do the work...and to trust my intuition. What a relief! I made the shift to opening and allowing Spirit to guide the session and guess what…amazing, miraculous results occurred! Just last night I had a client share at the end of our session share how much she values the work we are doing together. She actually used the word “value!” After so long of me not valuing what I offer I knew I had finally flipped that switch when I heard her speak to how much she values our work together. See, she (among others) could not value it until I first valued it. Ah-ha…what a transformation! I have finally learned to trust Spirit…my own inner voice…at least in this area of my life.

I encourage you to see where you on the Trust scale. How much do you listen and trust your own intuition? With 10 being fully trusting and 1 being a “go at it alone” attitude, where do you fall? Where would you like to be? Is it different for different areas of your life? (finances, relationship, career) I would love to support you in building trust with your own Divine Self and moving up that scale to your desired number. Through spiritual coaching sessions, spiritual tools and the accountability provided by working with me, I know you will experience the transformation you desire.

Spiritual Practice-

Try out this affirmation: Today I choose to live life to the fullest! I trust my intuition.

Write it, sing it, dance it, speak it, record it and listen to it over and over. It works if you work it!