Uncovering Your Heart's Desires

jumping missoula

What is the deep desire of your heart? For me it’s to love and be loved. To know myself as God knows me. To give of my gifts and talents in this world and be of service. To experience Peace, Joy, Creativity and Freedom.
We all have heart’s desires or yearnings from our soul to express uniquely in this world. It may be a specific desire to create something or make an impact or contribution in this world, or to experience Freedom or Joy. We are all implanted with unique desires which are indicators of our own unique purpose, passion or as I say, our soul’s gurgle. Our desires are a natural urge of Spirit seeking to express Itself more fully though each of us individually. What I mean by soul gurgle, is the idea of your soul gurgling out into expression. I know is that each of us has a unique gift, a unique passion, a unique talent that is ours to give the world. And our desires help us uncover that unique passion. So it is important to first awaken to our heart’s desires and honor and acknowledge them by believing in them and taking action, Trusting Spirit knowing that we will be successful. It’s important to not just discounting a desire of the heart or think, "oh but I could never…"  "I’m not good enough to…" or "who am I to do that?"  "I don’t deserve that…" etc... These are all ways we play small.  Instead we must awaken to who we really are- a Divine Expression of the One, full of infinite possibilities, joy and creativity. Therefore, who are we not to express ourselves fully and live our heart’s desires?
I encourage you to take 5 minutes right now and write over and over again “My heart’s desire is…My heart’s desire is…” allowing your higher self to answer that question and to truly get in touch with your heart’s desire.  Then ask for guidance and write out a few inspired action steps to take in the direction of living your heart’s desires! This can be a daily or weekly practice. Try it and see if you like it!

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