The Intersection of Creativity and Spirituality

I ask myself:  

  • What fulfills me?  
  • What brings a sense of meaning and purpose in to my life?
  • What inspires me?  
  • What do I value most in my life?

The answer is always creativity and spirituality. I am a Spiritual Creative.

These two things have always been important in my life. The energy I experience when I’m “doing my thing” creatively is similar to that when I meditate and pray. It’s that place of spiraling energy where the concept of time and space are lost. There is a sense of connection to something greater, to the interconnection of all life…something flowing through me, greater then I am, expressing as me. And it is such an uplifting powerful experience. It truly does feed me.  And the two go hand in hand.  My spiritual practice accelerates and informs my creativity. And doing my creative work is part of my spiritual practice.

I find myself feeling lost and confused when I try to separate the two- creativity and spirituality.  And yet I still do it.  Compartmentalize things in my life. I realized how vulnerable and uncomfortable I sometimes feel putting all parts of myself out there in one place. It feels okay and safe to share about my creativity and work in children’s theatre, but my work as a spiritual leader or LGBTQ activist…hmmm…well now that depends on who I’m talking to. See, there I go, compartmentalizing.

Aww, the wonderful pieces of me. How beautiful and perfect really they all are. The intersection of creativity, spirituality, and sexuality- a journey towards wholeness. Comprising one magnificent whole being.

So, the message to myself today? Stop trying to separate them. Is my passion, my life’s work, creative? Yes. Is it spiritual? Yes. Does my sexuality have anything to do with it? Yes. It is all one.