Creative Block? Try these 7 tips to Unleash Your Creative Genius

unleash creative genius

A Spiritual Approach to Creativity

#1 Stop and Ask

Admit to yourself that you are stuck. Stop working on your project and ask for guidance and inspiration from your Divine, Higher Self.

#2 Stay Mindful

Do something else, but stay conscious, don’t zone out.  Go for a walk, fold laundry, do the dishes, sweep the flow, stay mindful and present. Resist the urge to self-medicate with television, alcohol, food or sleep. When you are in a mindful, relaxed state, Divine Inspiration will flow.

#3 Express Gratitude

Express Gratitude as if you are back in the flow, even if you aren’t quite yet, and especially when you are. “Thank you Divine, Loving Spirit, I am so inspired and filled with Joy by getting to express myself in this way. Thank you for listening and answering my request for help.  I am so grateful!” And, cultivate an attitude of gratitude by expressing gratitude for what has already come through you.  Use gratitude as a path to get back on track…and because it just feels so good! Acknowledge your past creative achievements, works of art, projects, creations. Gratitude acts like a magnet, the more we are grateful, the more we have to be grateful for…it’s an attractive force.

#4 Cultivate Awareness

Begin to cultivate an awareness of how it feels in your body when you are in the flow of Inspiration verses in the energy of forcing something to happen.  One is very light and tingly and one is heavy and dense. Being aware of the signals your body gives you will make it easier to quickly move through the first three tips.

#5 Know When to Stop

When inspiration is flowing it feels good. It’s like you can hardly keep up with the pace of the inspiration flowing through, there is an aliveness of activity and Joy! And the moment that energy changes, stop.  I know my tendency is to want to hold on to that feeling of being in the Divine Creative Flow and eek out any more creative juices- but that is just being addicted to the rush of inspiration and not being of service to the inspiration. Know when to stop and not force creativity and try tips #1 and #2 until the Inspiration returns.

#6 Trust

Trust that the creative flow will return. Just because the flow of inspiration stopped doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.  Actually, the flow is always there, we are the ones who are blocking it.  It’s our own hidden believes of unworthiness, not good enough-ness, etc. that is blocking the flow.  So that’s why it’s important to know when to stop or else you will be pushing and forcing the creative process from a place of lack and unworthiness.  When you stop and become fully present to the Divine, realign to your Truth, the flow returns. You have to unclogged your pipes and remove those gunky believes for inspiration to flow.  In fact, it never went away, you are the only one in your own way. So Trust and have Faith that there is an Infinite Creative Source waiting to flow through you, you have to choose to be the vessel and stay open to the flow.

#7 Bye, Bye Ego

So my ego wanted there to be 7 tips because that’s a cool number. So, this is me catering to my ego (with full self-awareness and understanding of the irony) in order to make this point- be able to identify the voice of your ego (smaller self) and don’t listen to it! Gently and lovingly tell it, “you know ego thank you for trying to keep me safe but today I’m only listening to my Higher Self. It’s time to stop playing small.  I don’t need your protection anymore, I have a new God, a Big God who is loud and in charge, and together we are doing awesome things! Bye, bye ego.”
You’ll be able to identify your ego as that voice that says “you should…” or tries to keep you small and safe by telling you why what you created isn’t good enough or isn’t valuable.  But the truth is, of all the billions of people on this earth there are a large number of them that need to hear/see/experience the message you are sharing in the way you are sharing it, in fact, they might not ever experience it unless you share it. So sing that song, write that book, share that story, dance that dance or produce that video, because the world needs you!

Thank you!

I’m sure there are many more tips and lessons to be learned, that is the nature of life, always revealing and expanding.  But that’s all for now, I know when to stop. And to say, Thank You. I trust you will find this inspiring on our own journey to Unleash Your Creative Genius!

Please note, these are “tips” because they are just the tip of the iceberg of a greater spiritual understanding that is the Creative Process, that is Life, that is Who you Are…and not that there is really anything to understand, but more that there is something to know on a deep level. So theses are just tips and I hope they lead you to greater depths of your own self-awareness and Divinity.