What is calling you?

One of my favorite songs is “Something’s Calling Me” by my friend Jami Lula. I am very moved by this song. There has been a way where I have been resisting what is calling me for years. I dance back and forth with my willingness to listen to Divine Guidance calling me to step into my greater good and live my passion. How about you? Can you relate?

What is calling you?

Are you willing to say YES?

This is the Divine Guidance I received when I asked myself these questions:

Say yes to your passion and don’t settle for less

…that only causes suffering. You may think it’s being “nice” to play small as to not cause others discomfort as you live the life of your dreams but this only perpetuates the suffering for everyone. There is a dis-ease in our society to play small and not live up to your greatest potential. You have the ability to stop the cycle now! The universe is unlimited and abundant and generous. It is always giving of itself. It’s up to you to be willing to receive. As you say YES to what may seem uncomfortable or too much/ too big for you, know that you are enough. Stop holding yourself back. Stop thinking “oh that’s for someone else, not me.” Stop thinking happy, successful people doing what they love is the exception and believe that it is the norm and it will be. It may seem nice to hold back your greatness to please others, but wouldn’t the world be a whole lot nicer if everyone was living in their genius and passion, giving of their gifts and talents and doing what they loved. Wouldn’t it be nice if one person’s success was an inspiration not a hindrance to others success. That’s the kind of world I want to live in and therefore it’s up to me to make the decision to stop playing small and live my greatness…as scary and unfamiliar and unknown as it may seem now taking the first step is all it takes for the Universe to open up and provide. I am willing.

This week I took that step by enrolling in a ministerial program to complete my training as a New Thought minister that I began in 2009. It is happening!