A commitment to love

I recently got married!

(insert celebratory cheers here)

There was a way where I thought having a wedding would be sort of a moot point considering we’ve been together almost 8 years and living together the majority of that time. Basically, I already considered us married. 

Yet there was something so amazing about coming together with our friends and family from all over the country in a celebration of love. Having that much energy and focus on love really inspired my wife and I to show up in a greater way. 

What if we all could live everyday with as much Love, Joy, Beauty and commitment to our greatness as we do on a wedding day? 

That’s the world I want to live in.

Here’s a start... Below is an adaptation of my wedding vows written in the first person. How about starting each day with this commitment to Love for ourselves. 

My commitment is to know the Truth of who I am and only see my Divine Perfection. To energize only words and thoughts of Love, Joy and Beauty about myself. To know whatever is occurring in my life that Love is behind it all. Everything is either an expression of Love or a call for Love so I intend to let Love be the guiding force in my life.

And so it is! Let love rule!