Self-Doubt is Selfish

I had an ah-ha moment when working with a client. I was speaking an affirmative prayer at the end of our spiritual counseling session when the phrase “self-doubt is selfish” popped into my mind. I knew it was a message for me as much as my client.

There is a way that the world teaches us that being successful at doing what you love and putting yourself out there is wrong or bad or selfish. At some point I agreed with that. But recently I’ve come to understand that it’s really quite the opposite. When we doubt ourselves and stop ourselves from sharing our own unique Soul's Gurgle (as I like to call it) with the world then we are being selfish. We are serving only our self by choosing to play small instead of blessing the world with our gifts and talents and passions. We’re making what we do about us instead of the bigger picture of how we can be of benefit to others.

I'm making a new agreement- it's okay to unleash my creative genius in a big way in this fact, God (Spirit, Universe) needs and desires to express through me! I might as well get out of the way (it's a lot less painful). I am willing to be the open vessel for Spirit to use me to be of great benefit to this world. I want to be of service to something greater not something small. Bye, bye self-doubt. Who's with me?

Here’s a tool I’ve found extremely beneficial in transforming self-doubt. “Stop It!” Yes, it’s that simple, I yell at myself (in a loving way.) Basically I interrupt the pattern of self- deprecating negative thoughts by saying in my head- “Stop It!” When I catch myself in my doubt or lack thinking I stop and make a new choice. I choose to energize the ideal. I think about what I desire instead of what I think I can’t do or why I’m not going to succeed. I take a moment to visualize and really shift my energy to get into the feeling tone of my goal or desire or intention.

This is how we begin to rewire our brains to be success oriented instead of doubt oriented. So are you ready to just STOP IT already with the self-doubt!?!? I know I am…and it’s daily practice.