What Hinders You?

“You must want to fly so much that you give up being a caterpillar”- Hope for Flowers

There is a children’s game of tag where you draw little boxes out of chalk on the sidewalk. If someone from the other team tagged you, you would have to stand inside one of those square boxes until someone from your team tagged you out. Now image you are playing this game. You get caught and are standing in the chalk box waiting for your team mate to free you. You could easily step over the chalk line, but you don’t dare...those are the rules of the game. Now it’s starting to get late and the other players decide to stop playing and go home...but no one tagged you...no one released you from the box...what do you do!?! You are so into the rules of the game that you believe your only option is to stay in that box, hoping someone from your team will remember and come free you.

It seems ridiculous to image standing there as it’s getting dark and cold, limited only by a few chalk marks on the ground...all you really have to do is step over the chalk line but you so believe in the rules of the game that they now hold you captive. The only way to be free is to realize nothing truly hinders you, nothing truly limits you but your own mind. We have simply accepted certain beliefs of lack or limitation, certain conditioning from society.  All we have to do is skip across that chalk line (yet it feels more like a brick wall!) until we recognize that is it but a belief...and we can choose again.

When we see clearly, stepping over that chalk line is suddenly easy. The chalk lines only have the power we give them. It’s time to align with the Truth and stop giving the negative conditions in our lives power!

Whenever you feel yourself stuck, try this:

  1. Identify the fear thought/ feeling in your body
  2. Take a deep breath 
  3. Say to yourself- "This no longer has any power over me!" 
  4. Move your body in some way to shake off the fear thought
  5. Picture something that represents your desired experience of FREEDOM
  6. Hold your arms wide to the sky and say to yourself, "I AM that I AM"
Rainbow Weldon