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queer is a divine appointment


Beyond Acceptance. Reverence. 






I was told at a young age that I should be a minister. I rejected that idea and pursued acting.

Theatre brought me to Chicago. Ministry found me. In 2002 I heard Marianne Williamson speak and I knew I was here for that. To inspire, to awaken. To remind people that Love is who we are. Yet the idea of being a “minister” still freaked me out.

Living in Chicago I came alive. I came out sexually and spiritually, claiming my true self. I experienced the loss of a parent, the birth of a child, divorce and remarriage. Life has a way of continuing to give of itself to me, through me, as Love. I’ve learned to have dominion over my experience through a regular practice of mindfulness, forgiveness and non-judgement. I trust everything in life is for me. I see Truth despite conditions. I remain steadfast that everything is unfolding perfectly for my life and the collective.

My path is winding, and although I am no longer acting, I am “on stage” every Sunday at Bodhi Spiritual Center, a global center for transformation and liberation.

Whether you are looking to transform self-doubt, release judgments, or experience more self-love, I am here to support you with tools and practices to awaken to your Divine Self.

I truly believe being born LGBTQI is a Divine Appointment and a sacred gift to the planet.

I’m especially interested in working with Queer Millennials and Gen X-ers dedicated to doing work in consciousness to transform the collective to a more just and free society. Using the tools of mental science and spiritual practices to transform old patterns in the queer community. The tactical results: more LGBT folks in positions of power, influence, impact. A decrease in the rate of substance abuse and suicide in our community through OWNING our inherent POWER and WORTH and VALUE and therefore transforming the way Queer folks are perceived in society to that of REVERENCE.

My vision: To have the Queer experience revered by ALL as a Divine and Holy. To usher in a shift in consciousness to that of radical inclusivity, ONENESS and LOVE. 

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