Rev. Rainbow

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Growing up in the bible belt with spiritual seekers for parents, Rainbow was taught at a very young age how to use affirmations, meditation and affirmative prayer to align with her true nature and demonstrate the life her heart desires. She had to navigate her own spiritual understandings of Oneness and love for all people among the conservative landscape of the south.

She continued her personal + spiritual journey while traveling doing children’s theatre and speaking across the United States (including a year in Hawaii) and eventually landed in Chicago. Fascinated by the world’s religious and spiritual teachings, she soaked in all she could while traveling, visiting numerous spiritual communities and studying Science of Mind, Yoga, A Course in Miracles and Ho’oponopono to name a few.

She became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2007, Certified Spiritual Counselor with Rev. Jennifer Hadley and New Thought Minister with Emerson Theological Institute in 2015.

You may have seen Rainbow or her affirmation apparel company, Affirm.A.Wear present at Bodhi Spiritual Center, Unity of Kalamazoo, Trinity Center for Spiritual Living, Global Truth Center, Sukava Bodhe, Vibe Up, Albion College or featured in Encore Magazine.

Rainbow supports people in developing a positive, healthy relationship with Self and others through spiritual counseling, speaking and teaching and spreads positivity with her Affirm.A.Wear products for all ages. She is dedicated to her own spiritual transformation in order to be a healing presence to assist others.